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WHAT is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) -

Radio frequency identification is a powerful emerging technology that enables companies to achieve total business visibility. By knowing the identity, location and conditions of assets, tools, inventory, people and more, companies can optimize business processes and reduce operational costs The oil and gas sector has a problem common to almost any other business – asset tracking. The special challenge is that some assets are hard to tag and even harder to track because of size and geography. Active RFID technology is being used to monitor and manage inventories and fixed assets in almost any kind of environment.

RFID Applications in OIL GAS Industry (EXPLORATION and PRODUCTION)-

The oil and gas sector is under mounting pressure to improve operational and financial results, while continuing to meet the expected demand for energy. Use of RFID has a proven track record for many other verticals such as retail and access security. The use of RFID in the Oil and Gas industry is showing some significant positive returns.

The use of RFID has crept into almost every sector of the oil and gas industry. RFID is beginning to be used in exploration and production, throughout the crude supply network, through the refining process, and is widely accepted in the transportation and distribution network and is becoming commonplace in the retail side of the business.

RFID Solutions for Supply Chain Management

RFID technology is facilitating a major innovation to supply chain management. In an article by John Lorinc, in the Globe & Mail Report on Business Magazine, he states, "Every year, according to an expert cited by the Federal Trade Commission, American merchants lose as much as $300 billion (US) in revenues because they've lost track of goods somewhere on the journey between factory and store shelf." Lost revenues are not the only concern in the supply chain; improving the productivity in transporting goods and securing the source of goods are also of concern to professionals managing the supply chain. RFID technology delivers solutions for all these needs.

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