Customized software application development

- Real estate

We have developed customized applications where real estate companies can easily do automatically tenant management

  • Automatically know rent status
  • Pending rents
  • Flats available for rents
  • At what rate
  • Who paid utility bills
  • Send automated reminders
- Reminder software

We have done custom based reminder applications where

  • Company's registration document expiry
  • Passport expiry of staff
  • Driver license
  • Insurance reminder
  • Other remindrs
- MIS system

We have done customized MIS system for schools where school management can have individual ID and password for every student . students can login and can manage their

  • Home work assignment
  • Exam results
  • Attendance
  • Performance report
  • E books
  • International library access
  • etc
- School management

School management can also see the performance of students and also keep report of their staffs and faculty

  • Teacher and staff attendance
  • Salary report
  • Their contract track
  • Internal circulations
  • Other reports

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